Can UiPath read a cell in Excel and the go to MS Planner and Open the task with that name?

I want to create an Excel file that lists the names of all the different tasks included in a Microsoft Planner plan. I want the bot to be able to read each task name from Excel, find that task in Microsoft Planner and open the task to further manipulate it before repeating the process with each of the other task names listed in Excel. Is UiPath able to interact with Excel and MS Planner in this way?

@gianna.demetroulakos, Yes UiPath Robot can do that, but it will need some logic for it it work accurately, as far as i can recall MS Planner does not have a search box if it did then it would be easier because the bot would just type in the name of the project in the search bar.

Correct it does not have a search bar. How would I go about making this work? Thank you!

@gianna.demetroulakos, oh wait it does, so if you click on the filter dropdown the search bar appears and if you type the name of the project all other projects get filtered out and you are left with that one project on the screen.

Thank you! Is there a specific activity I could use to tell the bot to repeat the process for each item on the list in excel?

@gianna.demetroulakos, there is not straight forward activity, but you can use the read range to read all the project names on the excel sheet and then use a for each row activity to go through each project name one by one, inside this activity you can then have all the steps the bot needs to follow, like open browser activity to launch the Ms Planner portal and the type into activity to enter user credentials and then click activity to click the filter dropdown function in planner, and then type into activity that will type in the name of the project and then enter.

This all needs to be built inside the for each row, so the same steps will be repeated for each of the projects.

thank you very much!