Can UIpath do 'dumb' co-ordinate based recording?

I’ve been having a lot of problems getting UI path recordings I make to play back properly. This is because I haven’t learned enough yet to troubleshoot UIpath’s intelligent recording of interaction with interface elements.

Is there any way of recording, purely based on screen co-ordinates? I realise that is a far less robust way of doing things but it would be a short term workaround until I get more experience.

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Does anyone know if this is possible?


Well you can use Citrix record at first, it allows you to select images and automate based on them. You could use actual coordinates but I want to let you know it might be more complex then learning the tool.


I’m just wondering what you do when a particular interface element isn’t recordable.

With the other automation programs I’ve used you can simply record a mouse click at a particular set of co-ordinates. As long as UI items always stay in the same place, it works flawlessly.

Are you saying this is not possible in UIpath?

It is possible.

Simplest way, you can use a Click activity and in the CursorPosition set Position to TopLeft and use OffsetX and OffsetY to input the coordinates.
Using Hover activity at first might be good, to not click on random things if you’re off.
To get the coordinates, start with the Indicate On Screen and hover over what you want to click (see the preview window).
Make sure you put the activities inside AttachWindow/Browser and that the window is top most, to not click on something else that’s on screen.

This is not recordable though, you need to do it inside the activities, not through the recorder.

Aside of that, I haven’t encountered something that a good selector would not be possible to build, especially if the application itself is static enough to be operatable by coordinates (even idx selectors should be relatively safe in that case).



Hey. I think instead of using manual inputs for click (just modifying the offset manually) it’s better to generate those activities using the recorder and tweak them afterwards.


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  1. Use a click activity
  2. Indicate on screen
  3. Press F3
  4. Draw your box where you want the robot to click
  5. In your Properties panel, expand the Target property, and notice that the coordinates have been inputted into the Clipping Region. The robot will click within these coordinates.
  6. Also in your Properties panel, expand the CursorPosition property, set your Position of where you want the robot to click (best to leave it as Center so it will click in the center of the box)
  7. Done

Package: UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities
Package version: 19.7.0