New to ui path - UI on sap tools

Hi guys,

I started using UI path something like a a week ago, Iam working on an idea that I want to use the Ui path to log on SAP design studio , excute a query and type somedata there. OR that the robot to open the excuted query through the link for the excuted query in a SAP BO platform, to choose the entries for example company code and controling area , etc… and then give some data in a rows and save it. The thing is that everytime I use the recorder for browising or citrix or even desktop to get to a specfic bottom or a type a link so that it can be opened , it gives me so many errors, so I tried to do that via mouse clicks and typing options from the activites , However it is not accurate for example i take a capture for an image to be clicked in order to be opened but when i play it and click on start the mouse goes to a totally different place… would be nice if someone can tell me or give me some advices what to do or how to better understand ui path because iam stucked there .

Thanks for understanding


Hi @Assem_Samali,
did you have a chance to look into these materials?

SAP automation “does have its own peculiarities” as mentioned in the training video, and “there are elements on the SAP GUI, just like Citrix, that are detected by the recorder as a single block, so it’s impossible to use a simple recording or automation tool with them”. If your mouse goes to a different place, you might want to double-check your selectors e.g. via Selector Editor - and ‘Highlight’ in the Visual Tree tab. That would show you which element this selector relates to. Does this help a bit?

Hello ,

thanks for the reply, I think applying the recorder was not helpful in the task that I want to do. so I have did everything manually and it worked .

However right now I have another issue which is I can not type any data into the query/report in Design studio- (in the executed query and it opened in a web page as a local host).

what I want to do is to make the robot type data in the the rows&columns that exists , create calculations and understand the logic behinds it .

Unfortunately everytime i use the type into option or another method it doesn’t work at all. I ve been reading about the data scraping but as far as I understand it is a way to read the data but not to insert the data into another system. my whole idea is that i want the robot to open quries , exctue it , check it , type if some data is missing and check the logic behnid the calculations. any ideas how can I do that ?

I have also try to use other database functions but when i want to connect to a database , as a data source I can not find an SAP instead all of them are Microsoft SQL; ODBC ; etc…

One solution that I was thinking about is through is get the code for the specfic area/place that i want to fill in with a number , to get the code behind it through inspection options on google chrome or on Internet explorer and then to write it again and maybe through scripting on UI path I can write the code and then add the entry that i want.

I hope that I have described it in an understandable way.
any one have a similar experience or can tell me possible solutions for this issue , would be great