Is it Possible to Record X and Y Position of the Mouse Pointer?

Hello community and UiPath team,

a tiny question: Is it possible with the desktop recording to record a X and Y position of the mouse pointer as click activity automatically, with the clicktype CLICK_DOWN as start and CLICK_UP as end position?

My example: I start Paint an want to draw multiple lines and I want to record my manual activities with the Desktop Recording. I don’t want to use the mouse click activity in the flowchart via drag’n’drop, all click activities in the flowchart should be a result of the recording.

Thanks for hints and tips.

Hi @StefanSchnell

I don’t think it is currently possible. It might be doable with heavy workarounds that are unfortunately not based on the recording tool.

You could probably design a loop that would work in increments and proceed to make multiple clicks from point A to point B. Of course In this scenario you would need to calculate the proper path, which adds some complexity.

It is a nice idea for a custom activity, if someone would be up for the challenge :slight_smile:


Hello @loginerror,

thank you very much for answer, good to know.

Best regards

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