Can not Add Local User to Folder - on Prim Orchestrator

I am Trying to add local user to Folder in Orchestrator but the only option is to add Active directory user and can not add local user to the mentioned folder.

HI @mahmoud.zaky

Checkout this link


Hi @mahmoud.zaky

Check out this docs

Hope it will helps

If not, Raise a ticked for UiPath Technical Support


Try like this:

Try to access https://your_orch_hostname/identity/management/users as an admin user and then add the user.

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I do not have the ability to add local users into folder as you did in above video only i can active directly users there is no option to add local users

Thanks for your reply but Active directory users working fine with me i only have issue in adding Local users into folder

After adding users from this page and go to folder page then users i can not find button to add local users and when click on assign users only mentioned page in my post appear (to add only active directory users)