Unable to Run Bot from Orchestrator

Currently unable to run my process through Orchestrator. The process shows up, however the Robot field is empty. I’ve made sure that the robot is registered to an environment.
When I run the process through UIPath Assistant, it runs, and the logs show up on the Orchestrator Jobs tab.


Hi @okhamen

What is your robot type?
If it isn’t an unattended Robot, please try to change your robot type to unattended.

I hope this information will be useful for you :blush:

Very useful, thanks Natapong!
I’ve reconfigured everything and added the robot as unattended, however now it shows that the Robot status is Disconnected. I’ve double checked the information through cmd but havent been able to figure out the solution.
Any ideas?

After change the robot type, please try to reconnect by click Disconnect on Orchestrator Setting screen and connect it again.

Tried that, still nothing…