Can i make this project using Uipath?

Hi guys

i work as a computer technician for a company, we use Connecwise Manage to keep track of the tickets users create

we want to make a robot with the ability to dispatch the new tickets between the technicians

what i want to know is if it is possible to make this with uipath as a backgroud process, the robot needs to detect if the ticket is in status “new” and if it is, dispatch the tickets between the available technicians

is this posible?

thanks in advance

Hi there,

Can you tell me whether your ticketing application is similar to JIRA?

Is is web based/window or desktop app, java or something?

If it is a ticketing app, doesn’t it already have a queuing-assignment feature built into it?

if the uielements can be indicated then any process is possible with logic, do give me more details so that we can arrive to a conclusion :slight_smile:


it´s a desktop app and it´s quite similar to JIRA, this one has the auto assign feature but only works with one technician

i,ve trying to do this by myself, with 0 development knowledge, i´m stuck on making uipath read the screen text to detect when the ticket is new, but then i stopped, thinking this wouldn´t be possible.

that´s why i´m here asking before going further

Oh good luck learning. try out

hello @Dante_7_x, can you please share the screenshot of the ticketing screen. You can remove the confidential Information before sharing it.

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Hello @Dante_7_x thanks for the screenshot. Looking at the current screen I think you can definitely go ahead and automate the process . I would request you to join UiPath academy and finish the beginner course . Meanwhile you can try the below steps to get the new ticket numbers.

  1. Use data scrapping and scrap the whole table. Noe filter only those records where status = “New”.

  2. Once you have the status you can pick and assign the ticket number .

PS: If you can filter the populated result for new records in browser before scrapping the data then that would make the over all process much more simple and easy to automate.

Give it a shot and let us know . Happy automation :slight_smile:

somehow i managed to make all the process, but now i´m stuck thinking how to make the conditional know that if there is no “NEW” wait until it appears