Date from company TicketingTool to UiPath


I’m from a big company from austria and i have a problem.
We have a Ticketing System in our IT department where we get problems from users and workorders, which must be checke daily.

There is a Ticket i have to check it daily, if it comes between 2 and 3 o clock am. I also have to check, if the status of the ticket is “Ok” or not.

i tried something but it doesnt works. maybesomeone can help me.

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Is that ticket is named same in all days
If so we can use get text position and choose that text as region and get its position as uielement variable
Now use a Anchor base activity and use Find element in the left where pass the above variable as input to Element property as input and in the right side of the anchor base we can get the text of the timing
If I’m wrong with the question kindly elaborate a bit more in this pls

Cheers @alii_ylc

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Please try to use the data scraping activity to get all the rows of your table.

Hello i tried the data scraping activity but how can i automatically check every day if there is this ticket or not?
data scraping must take all new tickets, which comes daily

thx and best regards

Hi @alii_ylc
I addition to the thoughts of @bcorrea if you use DataScraping activites it will return a datatable and you can do a lot of logic of your desire.

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Hi @pattyricarte

does “data scraping” cecking the date every day, if a new ticket is here with the new date? or do i have to do every day the data scraping new?


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Hi @alii_ylc,

You can use Data Scraping where it outputs a Data table of all your tickets. You can then filter the datatable by date (Filter Datatable contains datetime - #3 by Mateus_Cruz) and status. You’ll get the tickets that you need.

Thank you. Happy Automation. :slight_smile:

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Hi @SatishCodes

i know how Data Scraping works. But we have to check daily, if there is a new ticket with the new Date (for example today 11.12.2019). And i want that UiPath should check out daily, if there is a new ticket with the date of today.
I hope you understand me now :smiley:

thank you best regards

So you need the process to perform the filter on a regular basis right? Without human intervention? Is that’s the problem? Is the problem is in data level or process level (scheduler)?

first of all, i want to know how i can get the field where the Date in my Ticketing System is to UiPath. i do it with GetText.
So then i want that UiPath should check from this GetText that is a date and not a string.

See if documentation helps you to get started:

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Using Get Text might introduce time complexity. Please check if you can extract the entire table using Data Scraping so that you can have a structured data to work with. After that the data can be manipulated easily.