Can anyone help me how to download pdf uipath associate certificate from CertMetrics account

I have completed my UiPath test but i don’t know how to download certificate can anyone help me please.

Hi @PriyaReddy

After the completion of certification, in 3 to 4 days you will get the certificate through Mail from cetmertix that you have given in login.

In that mail you will find candidate ID and link to download the certificate, enter the Candidate ID and password to login to that website. Then you can find the certifications that you completed and download.

Hope it helps!!

Hope it helps!!

I have taken my test on Sep 7th, till now i haven’t received any credentials.

Confirm with that have you received score report mail. @PriyaReddy

Hi @PriyaReddy

1.After Log in to the UiPath Academy
2. Click on My Dashboard.
3. Search for Achievements and download from there.

Note : After completion of your feedback it will possible to download the certificate

No, i have downloaded score report from UiPath academy

Here, we don’t have an option for my achievements know

Hi @PriyaReddy

Go to this:

Login in and Click achievements then you will find.

Can you please give me Url

Here, i don’t any achievements

i don’t have any achievements

If they issued the certificate to you then you will find there.

Hi @PriyaReddy ,
You can go to page list cert to download
Login-> my dashboard ->achievements



Once check this:

If you have candidate ID with you login to the below URL.

Hope it helps!! @PriyaReddy

I have Candidate id but password do i get in email or how. if i was trying to give account pwd i am getting an error like shown below

You have the option called Forgot your password or Candidate ID?. Hit on that option and give your login mail ID there then you can reset your password @PriyaReddy

Hope you understand!!