Help to download the Academy Course Certificate

Hi have completed many courses but I am not able to download my certificate.
Whenever I tried to download the certificate it only shows the below message.

“Your certificate is being prepared and will be ready to download shortly.”
Guys Please help

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Hi @Ankita_Yadav
which certificate you are trying to download.
It will take 3-4 working days.

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Please try after 3 days

Hello @Ankita_1 ,

Each certificate has approx. 20MB. It’s quite a lot for a .pdf file.

In my case, I’ve clicked to download the certificate, wait for 4-6 seconds and cancel the request.
Afterwards, I’ve waited for another 40-50 seconds and, tried again to download the certificate. This is how it worked in my case.

Please make sure that your internet connection is a good one. Avoid the rush hours.

Best regards,

i have completed the course 0n 16 itself still cant download it.
it is for uipath foundation training

Hi @Ankita_1

Just wait in the sample page after clicking the Download Diploma. It will Download your certificate.

Can you Click Email button and download from the mail have you tried that


I tried the email also i did get the msg as Congratulations, you’ve successfully completed this Learning Plan!

A Diploma of Completion has been sent to your email address:mailid

but i haven’t received it on my mail too

Have you checked on the Spam @Ankita_1

For me its working.

Try to clear the browser cookies and check it again

I have tried everything what ever you guys suggested still not working for me. is there somehow i can reach the uipath team and they can provide certificate to me?

Hi @Ankita_1

I’m not sure they will provide you the Certificate. But you raise a ticket


I am also facing this issue. Are you get any solution.