Unable to access my UiPath-ADAv1 certificate

I have recently cleared UiPath certified professional exam. And I received a mail navigation me into Certmetrics Candidate Portal to access my certificate. But I don’t have a certmetrics account, so I created a new one. But when I try to login, I’m getting a toast message saying that “Invalid Login”.What are the steps do I need to take inorder to get my certificate.

Hi @Vankayalapati_Varun_Chowd
Please log in with the email you used to register for the exam
If you still cannot receive, please contact the UiPath team

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I have not entered username for registration. But asking username for login and forgot password. The problem I faced is I have clicked the first time set password 3 times and don’t remember those.

If you cannot retrieve your password
Please contact UiPath for support

Hi @Vankayalapati_Varun_Chowd

In the Username field give the Mail Id that you are registered for the Certification.
If you forget the password, click on the forget password and change the password then login with the credentials.

Hope it helps!!

Yes, trying to connect. Sent a mail and waiting for reply

Hope you can receive it soon

Hi @Vankayalapati_Varun_Chowd

Additionally, you don’t claim your Digital Certification and Bagdes from Certmetrics anymore. You will receive an email to claim your certification on https://credentials.uipath.com/.

it takes up to 10 working days to process your certificate

In the email from Certmetrics you can found this:
UiPath offers Digital Certificates and Badges to recognize your achievements in the Program, which are issued through Accredible. You will receive an invitation email from credentials@uipath.com with instructions on how to claim your Digital Certificate and Badge in next few weeks.


I am unable to find my credential in UiPath Credentials page laso

Hi @Vankayalapati_Varun_Chowd

How long has it been since you took the exam ?

Hello @rikulsilva

I took the exam on 28th December 2023. It’s been 5 days and I haven’t recieved my credential.

Hi @Vankayalapati_Varun_Chowd

It can take up to 10 business day.

I took the Specialized AI exam in 28th November and only receive the mail to claim the credential in 5th December.


Thanks @rikulsilva

I will wait. But I need one more clarification. Why can’t I showcase my RPA DEVELOPER FOUNDATION and RPA Advanced Developer learning plan certificate on credentials.uipath.com

Hi @Vankayalapati_Varun_Chowd

A list of available UiPath credentials can be found here

UiPath Credentials • UiPath Digital Credentials

Some UiPath academy course only generate a Diploma of completion and not a certificate. For those, you can generate the diploma directly from the course

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