Can a project building via old version, and publish via new version but run on an old version Robot

Hi guys,

I have a question associated with Studio/Robot version.

The situation is I have a project which developed via the old version (2019.4). Recently considering the End support of 2019.4(till Apr 2020), I decided to update the Studio to 2019.10 since.

I thought even we update the Studio and republish the project via a new version(2019.10) is fine because we do not use any new features include, which should be fine to run on Robot(2019.4).

However, when I republished and run it, it popped up “Error Detecting project version”, It seems the published project via a new version(2019.10) cannot run at the old version(2019.4).
But the question is the Robot we purchased is licensed of 2019.4, we don’t know whether could we upgrade the Robot to 2019.10 or not since the license is different from 2019.10.

1. Could we upgrade the Robot from 2019.4 to 2019.10?
2. We can just only use the old version2019.4 to publish and update/develop the project?
2.1 If so, if we need to use new features from new version which we forced to upgrade the Studio, does it mean we should uninstall/install the Studio many times one we need to maintain the old project which developed via old version? Or there’s the other solution can help solve this question?

Thanks in advance

See my post here: Error detecting project version-orchestrator - #2 by Anthony_Humphries

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Hi @Anthony_Humphries

Thanks for your help, I read your post.
I have a question that I knew it can be produced a new project.json via Studio when I delete it, and understood there are different configuration setting.
But is it work for my situation?

  1. The Environment I implement the process only has Robot, it can’t be opened via old version Studio to build a old format configuration setting.
  2. Even I delete the project.json with new format(2019.10), it still create a same one when I publish to a old version Robot(2019.4) via Robot update&install the process, isn’t it?

My situation is trying to run a new version process on old Robot(2019.4) which build via old version Studio(2019.4) at first, then republish via new version Studio(2019.10) but didn’t use any new features.

Thanks for your reply.

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If you build the project in a newer version of Studio, you cannot run it on an older version. The robot on the machine where the project is run will need to be updated, or you will need to build the project with an older version of Studio.


So if the project build via new version cannot run on an older version, no matter using any new features from new version or not, it’s because of the configuration setting.

I think I got it.

Thank you for your help!!
I truly appreciate all your help on this. :slightly_smiling_face:

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