New Robot

Hello guys,

I have a robot which is published in 2019 studio version.

Now i developed a process in 2022 version studio in the same machine.

So how can i get the old process which is published through 2019 version in new version (in assistant).

Hi @Gokul_Murali

Did you try to open the process and publish it again, then refresh your assistant


So should i publish the old version process in new studio version.

While opening the old process in new studio version some invoke workflow cant be opened.
so if i publish with that will that work.

Hi @Gokul_Murali

You should open your process, update all the depencies, make sure to invoke the right path in the invoke workflow activity and then publish your project, of course without any error



You need to resolve all the errors that is when the new compiled code would be published…as its a very old one…many activities have been modified from
Then…it would almost be lile a rebuild in the new one as most of the activities might be missing


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