Can Studio 2018.4.4 work with new Orchestrator 2019.10

Hi all,

Can Studio 2018.4.4 work with new Orchestrator 2019.10? If we upgrade to new 2019.10 LTS orchestrator do we have to upgrade UiPath Robot software on all attended bots and developer Studio machines?


Yes this works.
See Compatibility matrix

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Thanks Stephu, I looked at the link.

So can I use Studio 2019.10 to publish to Orchestrator 2019.10 and the attended bot can still be 2018.4.4. Am I correct?

Yes this works. At the moment my systems are running with orchestrator 2019.10.14 and Robots/Studio 2018.4.1. (I updated yesterday and the whole day all jobs did run correct)

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