Level 3 Submission Got Failed

Dear Experts,
Could somebody please help me in the Level 3 Calculate Client Security Hash Assignment submission?

I have the complete solution to calculate client security hash and works completely fine on my system.

But when I submitted my project folder( compressed with .zip ). it got failed.

Any help would be appreciated.

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You have to first try the file in your system and with required orchestrator credentials

Hi @Siva_Murthy,

Thank you so much for your response.

I already have tried so many times. and its working fine.


Please make sure no spaces in between client details at the time of entering into SHA site.

Could you please show me screenshot of how bot is entering client details in SHA site.

keep mail to this id murthy498@gmail.com

Hi @lakshman,

Plese find the attached screenshot.

Hi @Siva_Murthy,
Thank you so much.
Should I send my workflow folder to your email_ID?

Additionally Could you please suggest exactly which file to upload? I am uploading thw while folder by compressing it. Is it the correct approach?

can you ensure the email u used for academy is the same one as ur acme site?
also finish running the whole program and DO NOT RESET test data before evaluation has been completed.

Hi @MythicGold,

Thanks a lot for your response.

yes I have used the same email. and I haven’t rest any data after uploading the file.

problem with this screen is that there are no correct items. which is why u should double check triple check. And ensure that you have ran the whole program. run the program one more time and then go to this place and screenshot for us. link is → dashboard → user option → check training assignments

if still fail even though the item labelled there are correct, then contact support.

hi @PrasantaLenka

Record the whole process and upload the recording by selecting the recording option. Hope this will work.

Achal Sharma :slight_smile:

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Hi @MythicGold,

Please find the screen shot after running it in my machine.


now check ur email in ur profile with ur acme site again, then submit that workflow folder as a zip file

keep mail to my mail id

i will send my workflows to you you can check it where the error occured

Dear All,

Thank you so much for your kind help and cooperation.
It got solved by uploading the recording video only.

Best Regards,

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