Calculate Client Assignment get 0/100

hi I uploaded my assignment on Calculate Client hash and i get this feedback n the result. Im just wondering my email on ACME system 1 and on my uipath academy training are 100% the same. Whats the problem and how to fix thanks. anyway i try to resubmit but it is just uploading and freeze. And I also check my ACME work details all WIID WI5 are updated to complete with right Hash Code. Thanks

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Hello @vilmasanchez,

@loginerror can help you with this.

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Raj Parsana


Hi @vilmasanchez

Could you go over these topics to make sure that you haven’t missed something related to the assignment?
Each post contains a reply marked as a solution to most common issues around 0/100 score.

Hi, Thank You I sorted out myself. My Email and Username are different. I just check my username and create another ACME account using it. thanks

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