Calculate Client Security Hash - Upload Assignment error

I have submitted the assignment , but i am still getting the same error.


Resubmission Requested

0 / 100 Points

check this once

@prakash_s one more thing
make sure do not reset data in

but I reset the data already , what I do now??

First time you need to reset then run you process and upload file
means when you run the process after that you do not need to reset


which file want to upload?
whole file converted to zip then upload? or
only main.xaml??

> ![image|690x157](upload://awEzOPknd94jhASKDu1juOGmEVT.png)

> ![image|675x500](upload://rt0Jn3UJS9uU2dM4jrmY0LqHznV.png)

Tried the same command , but not working. my Preformatted textproblem here is My project successfully generated without error. But when submitting the assignment i got 0/100 points.

Whole file converted to Zip

I tried all the solution but I got 0/100 points
I don’t know why??