Ui Path Advance training - Calculate Client Hash Assignment- Upload

I am able to execute my bot successfully on my system.
– Items Processed= Completed
– Output as coming as [ClientID]-[ClientName]-[ClientCountry]
This is the snapshot before execution

After execution

When I am uploading assignment then it is showing 0/100 in the result and asking for resubmission. I am not able to understand exactly what is the problem. I am attaching my code also. Please have a look and let me know if you find any issues.
CalculateClientSecurityHash.zip (520.9 KB)

Hi @sumitku1

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Did u reset the tests data in acme before uploading

If yes, don’t reset the test data,

Hope it helps

Nived N :robot:

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I did not reset the test data before upload. Status is still as completed in acme after upload.


Please check this
L3 1st Test -> Calculate CLient Security Hash

Facing the same problem??Could someone please post the solution

I’m facing same issue and not able to get what is wrong
I have not reset the data in acme system and my login details are also correct.
Still academy does not show what is wrong and asking for resubmission.

is that necessary to publish code in orchestrator?

Can anyone help please @loginerror

Hi @Namrata_Butch

Could you please refer to these topics first:

Each contains a post marked as a solution to the 0/100 score result. It should provide you enough hints to resolve it.

Thank you @loginerror
I have successfully completed this assignment.

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