Calculate Client Security Hash -> Problem with filling Comment field

hey there. excuse me asking this maybe stupid Question, but I can´t find the mistake and I´m hoping for your help.

herre´s the Problem:the workflow is fine until filling the created Hashes at SHA1 into the update comment fields at System1. A new window opens every time a hash is created and mouse clicks at changing Status, but without pasting the hash into the comment field. the following Change if the Status can´t be saved without changes in the comment field. the workflow goes on, Windows are closed. but in the end no changes to the WI5 activities are saved.

do you have any idea where the mistake might be? if you Need any screenshots please let me know.

many thanks in Advance.

Greetings, Timm

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Hello @timmhaase

attach the screenshot or your project

Hi @timmhaase

No worries, It’s a pleasure to help. :slight_smile:

So you are saying that the process does not paste the hash into the comment field.

are you using click before type in the properties of your activity?


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thank you guys!

here is a screenshot of my System1_UpdateWorkItem Workflow

hi @timmhaase

Check the selector for the click



I use click before typing.

I checked all selectors in the Type Into activity as well as in the Click activity. I indicate the fields on the web page and the Validation is ok. so i think. the strange thing is: sometimes a hash is pasted correctly to the comment field. but it is 1 out of 10 maybe. and not always the first one.

would anybody mind checking my files for me (I would zip and upload them)? I´m very desperate right now.

thx, Timm

I think you should be use attached browser activity before type into and other activities

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Same problem I too have . My work flow is fine everything running properly but comments are not updating only status is updating . Finally my output is not changed because of this comment .Please hlp me

yes i need some screenshot of your workflow as i need your help my workflow is all fine but for type into the comment it shown some error