Problem with Calculate Client Security Hash grade

Guys, I’ve been facing problems with Calculate Client Security Hash assignment, I’m getting almost instant zero grade with no reasons at all, even in System 1 it says it’s completed 100.

But when I upload my file I just get 0/100.
I manually checked all the items, did not reset my data after running the project , so I really don’t know what to do now, I am stuck, could someone please help me?

Thank in advance!

Hi @igor.alex.peres

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Check out the thread

Hope it will helps


Hi @Gokul001 , thank you for your response, I’ve already tried to email the support and my problem wasn’t solved unfortunatelly, I submmited more than 10 different files just trying to get something different than this:
But no success.

Hi @igor.alex.peres

There might be some issues with your code may be standards or some hardcoded values or wrong usage of data. It can be any reason. Cannot say without the code but you can validate it yourself . Here is a link . Please cross verify whata different and hope that solves your issue


Hi, Thank you for your response, I saw that on the forum and decided to use the file, only changing the Get Credential from Orchestrator, again, locally it ran absolutely perfect, then I uploaded and got 0/100.

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HI @igor.alex.peres

You can this topics

Hope this will helps



Did it work? I’ve been having the same problem.