Calculate Client Security Hash - Data Scraping Problem

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I am currently doing the Advanced Developer training and I’m stuck on the Calculate Client Security Hash assignment.
My problem is when using Data Scraping to extract the work items from System 1. I follow the Data Scraping action creation just like I should but when run I either get an error that the next page indicator was not found (when continue on error = False) or I get no data scraped in my Data Table (when continue on error = True). The error pops up when the bot gets to the 6th and last page of data and the bot continues to look for the next button while there isn’t one.

I’m not sure how I can fix this. Any help would be very appreciated.
I’ve attached the workflow I use for the extraction.

Extract_WorkItem_DataTable.xaml (8.1 KB)

in this workflow selector of
Activity : “Extract Structured Data”
Property : Input ->ExtractMetadata ->

can try once changing the this value to “”

and one more thing is assign the output data table to the another variable of the type datatable and check the results

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Try now.
Here we go.
Extract_WorkItem_DataTable.xaml (8.3 KB)

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Hi ddpadil, thanks for the answer. I tried it but the problem remains. When the scraper gets to the last page it just times out and fails. If ContinueOnError is set to False I get this error:

Not sure why this is happening but it’s driving me crazy. My assignment is complete and all that’s left is this error.

It’s working fine for me.
keep ContinueOnError is True.
time out error is may be due to slow internet connection.Default is 30 sec(increase it and give a try.)

When I leave ContinueOnError to True after the 30 sec timeout goes by the flow continues but my DataTable remains empty. The only way this works is if I specify the exact amount of Work Items to scrape. For example if I see that there are 59 Work Items available and set the MaxNumberOfResults to 59 then the scraping is done successfully and the rest of the assignment works.

not sure why its not working for you.
hard coding number of result is not reliable solution.
can you tweak this property and give a try.
Increase DelayBetweenPages
WaitForReady none or interactive.

The Problem will be in


once you extract the table you can check the selector of the table it will be either one of the above if your columns value is 0 you have to edit that to 1 and check… this resolved this issue when i faced the same…

hello Divya …
I have an issue
which am going to attach the screenshot of it
Am trying to overcome this issue since a long time plz have a look at it

Even though i have used data scraping method

it is showing the same error and the execution is being stopped at this point
this is assignment-1 from advanced certification of ui path where am trying to extract all work items from ACME website .Am receiving this error and am unable to design the remaining workflow
Any help would be highly appreciated!

Thank you

Please extract the table again while doin the data extraction in data extraction vizard we will be able to change the selector there you need to change the selector… Try this once if you still stuck I can respond you with screen shot on Monday sorry for not available…

I had the same issue, so I thought I’d share my solution.

  • Keep ContinueOnError “True”, as it is by default.
  • Initialize the datatable you use as output (in the ExtractData activity) by writing “New System.Data.DataTable” in the Default column in the variables pane.

Had a brain fart moment. Just if anyone faces this issue, the resolution for me was to create the variable with default New System.Data.DataTable (as per @rebcox above), then assign it to the argument, as oppose to assigning direct to the argument. Silly mistake but took a while to realise!