Data scraping issue from web page ACME

Hello Everyone,

Am trying to complete the client security hash activity from ACME.

I did data scraping by keeping the max no fo result: 0 and printing the count value through the argument. got below error


in the same activity i just modified max no fo result: 50 ( some known value less than actual count ) and printed the count value through the same argument.
this time i got the output


_Test.xaml (9.4 KB)

attached XML file for reference - am using version 2018.2.3

please assit

You might want to let the activity complains loudly by setting its ContinueOnError to False (or set a Breakpoint)

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Hello @msan

Do you mean changing the status to False. will solve the issue

No, it will not but you’ll have more feedback from the application

Thanks, by keeping it as false it will give more information I agree with you.

But why it is paritally working by keeping the status to TRUE. ?

Something goes wrong with the scrapping, the output datatable is not instanciated correctly but this happens silently. The complains arise when the datatable is exploited later and not found.

With the “error on”, the issue appears on the spot.

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@msan: yes, can you please validate my code… which i have attached earlier in this thread
or please help me in fixing the error.

while setting the value to false - i got error in next link selector

Is anybody able to help here?

Can you try your to redo your activity but by selecting the elements you need (and not use the “get whole table” choice)?

I just look back at my (old) workflow and the number of max result was at 0, my link selector was the same as you but both the target selector and the ExtractMetada were more precise.


Am not sure where and what am missing - also am feeling hard to explain because the same workflow runs and provide the output as variable, but not as argument.

i tried multiple times with different version - but same happening for all :frowning: