Hash Client. Extract Structured Data doesn´t run properly


I´m doing Hash Client assignment, and at step “Data Scraping” (getting work items), the Extract Structured Data activity stops randomly.

I´ve tried another “solutions” about other comments here in UiForum… but it stops before last page!

I´ve changed DelayBetweenPagesMS property, adding a value higher than 300, (I´ve used 1400 or even more) but it stops before last page. Sometimes goes to 3, 5, or 6. It has a random behavior.

Also I´ve changed MaxNumberOfResults, (with the value of rows to read), but again it stops before the last page.
I´ve initialized Data table as New System.Data.Datable too.
And also ContinueOnError with True value…

I´m really a little frustated, because I don´t know why error is, and it makes “Extract Structured Data” fails, but I´ve seen it runs well only twice! (over more than 100 executions!!), so I think it´s another problem.

I´ve tested with a wire connection too (thinking in connectivity issue but problem is the same).

Please Could you help me to fix and understand it, in order to send the assignment.
Thank you very much!

Can you please send your code as Private message to me. I will go through and let you know what was the issue.

I´ve just sent you my whole project.
Please, let me know your comments about it.
Thank You!

Nothing issues with coding. It extracts well and manipulates well until getting SHA1 Code.

Minor Issue I found is KillAllProcess doesn’t work. Change the property of activity Kill Process from “iexplorer” to “iexplore” Rest of the coding are working fine.

Since navigating to next page in DataScrapping with Multiple pages is an inbuilt function.

Thank you for your comments.

So nothing issues with coding, but I can´t complete all workflow because it stops as I said…
I don´t know how to do… what are next steps for me?
I can´t complete this assignment and neither continue with next item.
Any suggestion please?
And…how will be my confidence with this framework then all this random behavior?

I don’t want to start a new post, but I’m also having difficulty with my workflows using Chrome browser.

I’m also using the data scraping wizard and initialized a blank data table before the extraction activity. Can someone please look over what I’m doing wrong? The assignment of datarows (array) from the datatable iCalculate.Client.Security.Hash.1.0.1.nupkg (995.9 KB) s the same as I saw on previous posts in the forum.

Best Regards,

Errors encountered
Assign: Cannot find column [Type].

Also Data Scrapping seems to be inconsistent.