Calculate Client Security Hash-Data Scraping failed!

In Lesson 3 Calculate Client Security Hash,when I tried to get data from the work items.I used the data scraping activity,but I couldn’t write range to a xlsx with the datatable got from data scraping.

Can anyone help me?

Hi @XZX321, you have to initialize the ExtractDataTable variable beforehand. In the default, insert new DataTable. That should solve your problem :slight_smile:

@quihan Thanks for your reply,it worked well!
But I’m confused,when i change the maxNumberOfResults to 100 without initialize ExtractDataTable variable it also worked well,do you konw why it happened?

Hi @XZX321, by default, Data Scraping will help you initialize your DataTable. For some reason, maybe you edited the variable name or copied it from somewhere, the initialization is missing.

Cheers. Not a big deal.:slight_smile: