Where can i get a Assignment 1 solved Xaml...unable to do since one month

Since one month. I am totally frustated with the REF unable to understand, I uploaded the xaml.zip file but it showed me 0/100. Totally loosing hope. Can some one help me by giving solved xaml file of Calculate Client Security Hash. At least i can see and re construct, and move forward to assignment 2.

Hi @ramkrishna2k3,

Please let me know whether you have Zipped entire project folder(Calculate Client Security
Hash) or you Zipped only the Main.xaml

Kommi Jeevan

Complete Calculate Client Security Hash RFW.zip (508.6 KB)

You have to advance through training on your own. You can not learn by sending the flow done by someone else.

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The Output of your processing needs to go under Data\Output

Please check in firstrun flow.

Your flow is empty… Nothing in Process.xaml…

Please clarify whether you have included (System1, SHA1) in zip folder and the same has been uploaded in the evaluation in uipath academy.


Have you followed the PDD in order to create all workflows as we observed lot of xaml files and workflows missing in your Zip folder more over the above screenshot is not sufficient to find a solution.

This is wrong on so many levels… Process.xaml needs to contain your processing. Do not write everything in Main.xaml. Then, you need to separate flows on their functionality and destination (System1, SHA1Online). This is all described very clear in the walk through and PDD.