Button press not working on another machine/screen

I am trying to click on the continue button[through image/screenshot] on the page and it works. But the moment I bring it over to another machine or an extended screen, it doesn’t work and gives me an error (second image). It doesn’t recognize even when I spy the button through button click and include selectors. Any idea why it doesn’t work when running in a different machine or even projectors/extending?




I would first verify that you are using the same Resolution and Color depth on both machines.

Secondly, you can try to lower the image accuracy property to see if it helps.

Other things to look at is make sure that the selector is correct so it looks in right window (sometimes you need a full selector instead of a partial and vice versa).

If you have changed the TimeoutMS property, make sure it’s not too short (5000-10000 is usually long enough).

Lastly, avoid Image clicks if possible. See if you can use an Element click or alternatively you can activate one of the dropdowns and click “[k(tab)]” then “[k(enter)]” with TypeInto on the window to click it through keystrokes.

>>> Just a few things to look at.