Queries Regarding automation of workflows on different machines

We are using UiPath Community Edition for automating Test Cases .
The created workflows are working fine in one machine but if we are trying to run the same workflow on different machines & on projector, workflows are not working as expected.
Reasons are as follows:

  1. The click image activity,
    If UI path does not find the image (Selected image) on different resolution screen.
    It will click on other image at that position and work with that image which is wrong
  2. If Application is not Responsive then the UI will change on different Resolution/Devices/Browser.
    In this case Click image activity is not working as expected.
    I tried to change the uipath settings file by changing the resolutions field parameters then also it is not working. Please provide the solution for this.

Hi Apps and welcome to the community.

In my experience try to find a workaround for the click image activity. As you noticed it needs alot of factors that stay constant like the resolution. Try to use hotkeys instead or just a normal get text or click activity, if these activities keep failing try to improve your selectors. If that doesnt work and the hotkey doesnt work then use click image.

Kind Regards.

Hi @Apps123, Have you checked whether the resolution of both the machines are same or has different resolution.

If the machine where the BOT is success then the same resolution has to be configured incase of Image Based Activity.

Also kindly check the Image Spied properly for Image Click activity and try changing Accuracy in Property.