Unable to click on

Unable to click on a particular element even the selector is correct on laptop that is working but on desktop it’s not working

Hi @manoj2500

Check the selectors in both machines, it might be changed

Selector is correct on both machines

@manoj2500 Do you get any error?

What are the selectors you are using for the click activity?
Use parentid,tag,parentclass,class,innertext,aaname.
Don’t use idx’s in the selector.

Hi @manoj2500

Click activity in selectors use aaname if aaname is not available in uiexplorer use inner text.

Kommi Jeevan.

check whether it is an image based selector, if so please check your display resolution in both computers, it must be same or standard.

@manoj2500 can you please paste your selector here

selector is correct but when i run its shows as unable to find the selector on this page

i need to right click on computer management and select connect to other comp

If selector is not valid then go with send hot key activity

HI may I know if you already got a solution on this? Big Thanks