Button Click response Activity behavior differs from manual Click

I have spent days trying to figure out why an automation won’t run and it is down to a simple click in my automation. After clicking the “PDF or XPS” on the MS Access “External Data” ribbon to print a pdf, you have to hit Publish. If I do it manually it works fine. If I do it with a click activity I get two pop ups almost immediately back to back. One says printing and the other says you must enter a value in a field. If I look in the directory where its going to save the pdf a .tmp file appears but then disappears when I close the dialog. I’m at wits end. Any help would be appreciated.

I have tried:
Image / Sim / Hard / Window message clicks
Modern / Classic activities


Hi @AlienV

In uiexplorer can you inspect the element and check it and do the highlight option to verify publish button is able to highlight


Hi Ashwin. Thanks for responding. I could do that, but clicking the button is not my problem. It clicks every time but the application responds differently. Not sure if you understood what I was conveying or that you have something else in mind?