Bulk add queue items returned invalid statuscode "bad request"

Result - Copy.xlsx (17.1 KB)
attached is the excel file am trying to convert in to data table and add in the queue using add bulk queue items.
while doing so i am getting the above error
there was a similar thread for the given thread

but that is not matching with my problem whye because i tried all following ,

  • hard coded the queue name , so that it excatly matches my orch queue
  • removed the first row while reading the excel with out header so that spanish colum names might not create an issue.
    *i read the excel only from A1 to V4 so that i dont read the last 8 columns which has only blank values.
    i still got the error
    reagarding queue it has “unique reference” option given while i created it
    any suggestions / solutions would be really appreciated.

ok , it worked when i created another queue with out unique reference . so may be some of the column with same values in multiple rows would have prevented the queue items from adding.
now , i do have a unique reference but that is not a single column its a combination of columns. how to proceed in this case ?