StudioError : Bulk Add Queue Items: Operation returned an invalid status code 'BadRequest'

I’m getting this error while using Bulk Add Queue Items


Below thread might help you.

I have checked all of these replies, but did not found any solution, orchestratror is also connected. even the file is not much big. But I’m trying to read an excel file through read range, The error comes at “Bulk Add Queue Item”.

HI @Sawaira_Nawaz

is excel too large

PointsTracker.xlsx (11.8 KB)
12KB File

Hi @Sawaira_Nawaz

If you have set the “Unique Reference” to True while creating the Queue, then the datatable that you provide as input to the activity must contain the column Reference in it. Else, the activity will return Bad Request exception.

Yes! That was the issue,I created new queue with “Enforce Unique Reference” False,and it worked fine. Thank you for your support.

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NO PROBLEM @Sawaira_Nawaz
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