Bulk Add Queue Items: bulkA Queue Items Parameters must not be null Error code: 0

I’m facing an issue relate to bulk add Queue items.
I created the “QueueA” on Queue on Orchestrator, and my datatable has a row.
But I can’t push it on Queue.

You can check if your data table variable is in the correct scope.

Apparently, it’s empty, so probably is an issue regarding the population of the data table

I checked the DataTable as Count it. And It has one row.

Hi. I assume your DataTable has the required column of “Reference”. If this is the case then check if any of the other column names contains a “.”(dot)
I haven’t looked into the reason, but apparently the keys in specificcontent can’t contain a dot.


Reference is not required. It is optional. If it exists it will be used to populate the Reference field of the Queue Item.

Right click Bulk Add Queue Items and then Toggle Breakpoint. Then click the Debug button.

When it pauses at the breakpoint, go to the panel on the left and find the dt_QueueA datatable. Expand it and find Rows and see what the count is. Also, what are the column names?

Thanks @oscone, this has resolved my similar problem. I’ve set my queue to receive unique ref. After I change the column name which contains dot, the activity works fine.

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Thanks @postwick . I stand corrected, the reference-column is off-cause not required. Most of my queues have unique reference, so my main problem is allways the reference-column. But that is just my bad habit :slight_smile:

Adding comment here as I was able to resolve the issue.

By adding column name in the first row of the excel from where the datatable was received resolved my issue.

if you have the Error “bulkAddQueueItems Parameters must not be null”.
you can try this.

  1. Validate your DT, that doesn’t exist values empty or Null.
  2. Next step is try upload items to Queue but with few columns or values.
  3. Validate Formats on the activity.
  4. Param Reference is not required.