Bulk Add Queue Items - ¿How To? - Problem


  • I’ve create A DataTable with some parameters in it in default
  • Then I’ve put a Bulk Add Queue Items to upload all DataTable
  • Ive Put a log message with the result


When I play the process it gives me this error:

How can I solve this problem?

Are you sure your orchestrator is connected to studio @KevinDS?

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Hi @HareeshMR I’ve Thought the same. So I’ve tried to Put A fisrt simple “Add Queue Item” before the Bulk Add Queue Item and for some strange reason The first one (Add queue item) is working but the bulk is trowing that exception. I don’t know if maybe The Datatable needs to have some specific header to create the items into que Queue. Like the Reference.

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Yes! The Reason Was That my Queue needs to have a Unique Reference per Item so I’ve create a new Header into the datatable to assign the Reference and that was it!

Thank you for your time @HareeshMR

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