Build your first automation - First Automation using Google Workspace

This was not easy and I got through it on my second try. The more I practice, the better it becomes. Not sure how I feel about introducing bugs to fix so early, nonetheless I got through it.

This is quite challenging!. I need to follow steps bu step only can be able to do it!

Hi when I tried to add a gmail account account it give me the red icon even after doing the same thing that was mentioned in the video

addaccount–>selected default–>hit ok–>brower opened with gmail loginin page–>did all the things and closed the page–> then I see the red dot and also my email account is not stwitched to the Account column that we see the use gmail activity. Please help me on this

error:-object reference not set to the instance of the object

This was a great experience! I went through the exercise smoothly using Google Workspace. It’s incredible how much you can accomplish by throwing a few activities in.

I am facing issue to declare New File ID. so how can I DO that?

Able to get everything working until the very last step, when publishing to UiPath assistant it stays on awaiting install, and gives an error of cannot read properties of undefined. I can run it without issue from studio x so there’s some disconnect between studio x and assistant but I can’t figure out what it is, I checked the forum for prior issues and confirmed it wasnt a firewall/its run as administrator, so I’m not sure why it’s not working, any advice would be appreciated!

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I gotthis error when trying to run the project in the UiPath Assistant :
UiPath Robot Error
Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘defaultValue’)

Hi , I need to copy data from CSV file to a specific google sheet, and then on need to write, include formula and use a fill handle, and so on. When creating an OAuth Client Id what is the ‘Application type’ I should provide, OTHER option is missing.

When I give ‘web application’ or ‘chrome app’ I am getting an error when running

Pease help

Thanking you