Build your first automation - First Automation using Google Workspace

Now that you’ve gone through the steps of building , curating, and publishing an automation project, we are curious about how the experience was for you.

Did you stumble upon any blockers on the way? How did you get past them? Does your Attended Robot do what you wished for at the beginning? How is the interaction with your UiPath Assistant?

Was StudioX easy to use? Was the logic easy to follow?

Tell us about your experience and learn from fellow learners below!

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Let us know how you found this experience in the replies below! :grinning:
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P.S. If you’re having any trouble with the exercise, replying to this forum topic is the quickest way to receive help!

This one didn’t work well for me - uploading the .xlsx files to Google Drive didn’t change their filetype, so I wasn’t able to use Google Sheets activities to edit them. I tried changing my GDrive settings to automatically change all uploaded files to the appropriate GSuite type, but it didn’t work on files the automation uploaded for some reason.

I wasn’t able to figure out a solution, so I just went back and did the Microsoft Office version of the exercise instead.

Me too, same thing happened.

Hello! If you are having issues with uploading and writing into the files, please downgrade your GSuite Package to the 1.11.0 version (highlighted in the screenshot).

We’ll fix this as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience! :pensive:

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You should warn users that downgrading during the tutorial will wipe out everything they have done so far! I had to rebuild my workflow from scratch - not a huge effort but frustrating!

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This bug really needs to be fixed. It frustrated me seeing that in video demos everything goes smoothly, while on my PC it wasn’t going very well.

Me uno a las incidencias de mis compañeros.
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I kept getting stuck at this error for the 3rd video. Don’t get why the Read Cell activity failed when the values entered were exactly the same as the video.

see may be this help you as it help me too

Its awesome and easy to use…
I was stuck in reading excel file but after many attempts I was able to do that and completed all 5 task

I’m feeling excited to automate more.

Thank you so much

Have the same problem but I dont have an option to select this conversion. Any idea how I can fix it ?


Tried the Google vesion. I got stuck in few places too like others have mentioned, but thanks to detailed video I was able to complete it successfully.

I try to publish the package
but UiPath assistant show the connector issue as per the below. What I have to do to fix it out.


I had the same issue about the Connector with gmail. Please provide direction on how to fix that issue.

Another thing that happened was an extra file was being sent along with the PDF’s. It was called “”. Please suggest how can we ignore this from attaching to the email. Thanks.

Had the same issue upon completion of the tutorial where the “Connector [uipath-google-gmail] is invalid”

In 1 part of the session - when we write the value “CustomerDiscount” variable into the Gsheets its pasting it only in the E18 cell but its not reflecting in F18. So at the end, in the sent sheets or in the pdf its showing wrong value #VALUE!” for Subtotal, Tax and Total fields