Bug in Get File Info

Hello, i am still facing the issue in Get Folder Info activites or also in Get File Info activities.

For some reason UiPath always insert default Path to Project Folder and then it´s attach my chosen path. I was also trying to write my script in vb.net , but the issue is the same.

I can read and write in the folders.

All screenshots and explenations it´s also in this topic:

Thanks for solving this issue ASAP


Can you post the xaml that you are using? That will hep in debugging

May be you can try doing step into and check if at any activity it is getting appended as wel


Get_pdfFilePath2.xaml (11.0 KB)
QI_Choose_Attachments.xaml (190.2 KB)

Give it try :slight_smile:

Check this screenshot:

Variable pdfFileInfo in Locals panel → the value is:


In Log Message with breakpoint, you can see → pdfFileInfo.FullName

In console, for some reason it Prints →


Here is maybe some bug, because to the invoked workflow for some reason UiPath pass the argument with errors

I’m also facing this issue.

Hi @janlemon,
I download your files and found that you made Argument (in_excelFileInfo) mentioned in WF (Get_pdfFilePath2) with Fileinfo Type however when run this WF it gives object refrence error as there is no file info added you need to add location first as string then try to get file info after that - note: Already tried both acitivity and add string location for excel file and output was file info normally appear please try and update us also what the need to add excel file location as fileinfo type not string type ?

Thanks Mahmoud, but Check the screenshots :slight_smile:

Jan Lemon

Already checked your screen before answer however i took your Invoke Code script and adding Get FileInfo Activity and working fine check below

Mahmoud, try this and just try to go through the for each loop. If it works, can you explain me, why it doesn´t works for me ? :slight_smile: I was wonedring, if fe. permissions to the folders, btu as i said before, i have permission to all folders.

And of course, why there is no better exception explenation…or am i stupid?


QI_Choose_Attachments.xaml (192.4 KB)

If i create a folder, where the project folder is and than put the path into this for each, it works.

So i can´t see "C:" Volume. Fain, but it would be great to somehow tell me, don´t you think? :smiley:

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happy to hear that :slight_smile: about your questions Sometimes C partition did not work when you write or read files - its happens with me before and just I changed to another partition :sweat_smile: maybe some one can answer this question

You know, in the case when you do the development with your username \myusername but the process run in \robotusername , it´s necessary to saving these files into C:\ , because robot doesn´t have permissions to works with files saved in myusername\documents , so in this case i need to ask server administator to do the access for robot in my folder.

Its very weird and it will be great, if someone from UiPath is going to see this Topic and resolve this. Also the error is shitty :slight_smile: But thanks mahmoud.

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Welcome any time :slight_smile:

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