Problems With FileInfo After Latest Studio Updates

I have been using For Each Folder In Folder and For Each File In Folder successfully for some time. I capture the file path and file name using Get File Info for use in determining a new file name and path for files my bot creates. I am now getting complier errors for the Get File Info activities I have previously been using.


Many thanks for any help!

It isn’t likely that it has anything to do with the Studio version. These things are all based on package version for your activity packages.

Have you tried re-adding Get File Info and re-configuring it?


This error shows CurrentFile is String type. So do you define CurrentFile as variable or argument?
If you define it in variable panel etc, please remove or rename it, then use CurrentFile from ForEachFileinFolder.

And the expression should be CurrentFile.FullName as it’s FileInfo type.


Hi Yoichi,

Thank you for the insight. I now understand the issue and have corrected the problems.


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