Get Folder Info Issue


i am using Get Folder info, where i am passing my string with path from Config.

The string is:


But when i try to writeline directoryInfo.Full name , it returns me this string:


Anybody knows, why its happening?


Hello @janlemon

Just tried the same and its giving me the expected output.

If you have added \ at the end of the folder path, can you try removing that and check once.


It looks like that there is problem with passing argument, beacuse the same string from test variable works, but not from argument from Config…maybe there is an issue with converting object from config to .ToString

You can see, that in_pdfProcessedFolderPath is the same string as a test variable.
Test variable works, in_argument doesn´t…Or am i Blind? :slight_smile:

Also when i checked the “Throw If not exists” in Get Folder Info activity, it throws an error with in_argument, variable test also works.

Hi @janlemon ,

Don’t use variable as Directory info, because it is class of the module. Please create another name of the variable and try it. I have attached two snapshot’s go for the more information :slight_smile:

Thank You!!!


Thanks, but…same issue :confused:

Always adds the Path to my project Folder

Instated of passing argument from another xaml, try keep hard code value and run check the output.

It seems that UiPath somehow sets the root directory of project and always add that path before my chosen path. And i really dont know why :smile:

Thats strange… Did you tried assigning the value from config to a string variable and try passing that?


If you are going to save file in project folder you can use below code



Yes i ve tried. Still the same isssue.

I am aviliable for a zoom call. If you are ready will connect

Hej guys,

is here somone from UiPath support?