Browser not opening in foreground

As part of a process to be automated I have to open the chrome browser and navigate to a specific URL For that I am using Open Browser activity and the browser is not opening in the foreground, it keeps minimized always, hence the bot is not able to identify the elements.

Previously, I was not facing issues like this when used this activity. Any fix or workaround for this? Is this a common-issue or am I doing something wrong.

Using Uipath Community 2021.10.1 and the packages used are below:


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Use Maximize window after open browser activity.

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Hi! @amithvs .

please follow the below steps

step1:-Make sure, you have already UiPath Chrome extension enabled.

step2:-Open browser activity

step3:-In the property panel, Choose Browser type as Chrome.

step4:- Use maximize window activity which you can get it from activities tab.

That’s it

need any assistance please get back to me.


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Maximize window is already in place.

try using activate, it might solve your problem.

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This worked for me. No sure how stable it is.


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Do one thing. in studio


in Chrome

Chrome enable the Extension. close the chrome and also close the studio

now open studio and run the workflow.


Before sending the Hotkey first Maximize it and then send the Hotkey.

That’s good to hear. However, i would suggest avoiding using hotkeys and keeping that as last resort for any automation.
Hotkeys work fine but they fail unexpectedly.

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No change. Still the same!!

This also works. But its weird why it is not opening up in front. If the browser is already opened it will work, otherwise it just opens minimized.

During debug mode also same issue.

Yeah, I am also not that into using hotkeys, but TBH cannot think about another workaround.

So it means, Activate window is not working either in your case ?

This works for me like a charm, even if the window is minimized.

no need of maximize window after this?

In my case, it was not required and I belive it should work for you as well, but lets do a hit n try

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Hey! you used Attach Browser not open browser activity!

Attach Browser activity will work when the particular window is opened on chrome.

i suggest you to use open browser activity and pass the URL. then use maximize window…

this will works for you.

for reference



fyi, open browser is already in place.

worked for me with the maximize window activity. thanks

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Cheers @amithvs