Cant use open browser activity

Today I tried to open the open browser activity and it did not work for me and I noticed in my Studio I had updated to version 2020.10.0 (in addition to having different icons of course) Does anyone know if it is an error or now something extra must be configured? thanks.

When you say it does not work, what do you mean? That is the most basic activity, so i am a little doubtful it would fail for 2020.10.x(I am on 2020.4.x). Can you specify? Thanks

Hello, thanks for answering, I tell you that when I execute the activity, the studio is minimized to open the web page and it does not, also it does not indicate any error that is to say, I know what I execute, the same thing happens with the activity open application.

I actually just installed 2020.10.x, the very latest. Do not have a problem with either. (I did also reinstall my chrome uipath extension.) Could it be that your app and browser are opened, however hidden behind other applications?

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I did a license change and everything works for me right now …: /

good to hear. do you mind to mark my reply as solution? thanks

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