Browser communication error in version 2022.4

Hi! I just installed 2022.4 version in a machine for testing. Thing is I had understood that the communication with Chrome was going to be native without the need to install an extension in the browser, but I have seen that this extension still exists in Tools. I have updated the package versions of my project and I am getting the browser communication error. Can someone tell me if there is anything else that needs to be done on the machine or the UiPath project?

Thanx in advance and a greeting.

Based on your description it seems that there is a policy which is blocking the extension as soon as you reboot the machine such as “ExtensionInstallBlockList” or “NativeMessagingBlocklist”.

The extensions have different IDs depending on the installed Studio/Robot version. I would recommend you check the below articles and ensure that the correct extension ID is whitelisted on your organization. Please check all the policies that apply:

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