Browser attached Citrix workspace apps

Has any one automated browser attached Citrix workspace apps. Please give us some inputs with supporting documents or learnings

Hi @Poovizhi,
Could you describe a little bit of what exactly do you need to achieve. I would like to understand it bettor so I could help you.

I’m trying to automate Citrix application which is based on Citrix workspace apps.
Citrix extension is enabled in Uipath.
However UiPath controls are unable to identify Citrix controls like button, textbox’s etc.
Can you let me what steps i should follow to automate Citrix application.

Ok, now I know what you mean :slight_smile:
So basically extension is a one side of a coin. Second thing which is needed is to have the remote runtime deployed on citrix workers (servers which delivers applications). Then your extension will be able to communicate with the runtime so all selectors should work.

Is it Citrix receiver?

Nope. Citrix receiver is their own plugin which allows you to run any citrix application. By the runtime I meant the additional component from the UiPath which is necessary for the Citrix-provided apps.