UiPath Remote Runtime installation for Citrix Extension

hello all,

One of our current bot is using Citrix workspace to access a app via IE. I understand it needs Citrix extension enabled to grab the UI elements. But I am confused about the UipathRemoteRuntime.msi.

Does the remote runtime need to be installed on Production machine where the bot is running or would that be needed on Citrix server where all our company apps are hosted?

Hi @vijaya.nagabhairava,

install the UiPath Remote Runtime on the Citrix server to enable UiPath robots to interact with applications within the Citrix environment.

Hi @vijaya.nagabhairava , if we refer to the UiPath Documentation, I think that this image is quite self-explanatory:

  • In the example, it’s an RDP connection but should be the same for Citrix, VMware, and RDP.

Any machine, or submachine that will get inputs from a UiPath bot, needs to have RemoteRuntime installed, while the “master” machine, needs to have the correct extension.

In short:

  • If a machine will “receive” inputs from outside, it needs to have RemoteRuntime installed.
  • If the machine needs to “send” actions to a different machine, it needs to have the extension.
  • And we could even have the case as in the example, where we need RemoteRuntime to get inputs, and the appropriate extension to send outputs both in the same machine.