Break point application execute what when I am direct execute the application not work

break point application execute fine what when I am direct execute the application its execute 12-13 mint to particular one step this execution take 11 mint


Hello @Aditya10989

May I know which step is taking more time? what are the activities used in this particular step?


@Lahiru.Fernando I checked how it happens in my excel sheet
eg 10 rows
this record one by one paste in text box then click on submit button and start continue other task
but when I am directly execute the application first time first record not pasted in text click ok button in empty text box and continue so take max time

But when we start using break point this start from first record insert in text box and it click ok button so take less time

How can I resolve this issue…??

Means I need to check firstly record inserted in text box then click on OK button.

My requirement to check firstly record inserted in text box then click on OK button until wait for it

ok… so the text box, where it is from? is it a web application or a desktop application?


it is in web application

Try setting this property to Complete and see whether it works


this click activity for text box

oh sorry…


@Lahiru.Fernando yes I actually try this but not work.

in this first click on button with empty text box and second time I am getting second record but first record is missing when I run this application using break point I am getting first record in first text box

@Lahiru.Fernando when I am using hard coded delay then its work fine but my team lead told me don’t use hard coded delay

  1. Hard Coded Delay
    Not recommended for hard coded waiting time in delay activity
    Avoid hard coded delay activities and use dynamic wait approach (until page loads) by using Element Exist or Image Exist on the loaded webpage.

Shall you please suggest me what I need to do…?


Can I see a screenshot of your web application and the two text boxes so that i can have a better look at it?

And yeah I agree with your team lead. It’s not a good practice to use hard coded delay. I really wonder that the page is taking some time to finish up the loading and that’s what’s causing the issue.

Have you tried using on element appear activity as well?