Opening a URL at the TIME Loading Issues



Hi @Dominic
Hi @Team

i am using a "Opening a Browser "Activity to open a FB Loading sometimes (due to system,net slow)

so i am using a “Find Element” Activity in that i am capturing the image and its wait for that image

After that I am setting the “Click” Activity for do the action

Is this is a Wright way i am doing ?

please Can any one guide me , i am in right track…



HI @RaviDevaraj,
1.Use the “Find Element” , inside the try catch . Can able to handle the errors.
2. If you feel that it is normal to load the page gets delay, use the delay activity that to give a temporary time to load the page.



@RaviDevaraj, Everything seems good as you haven’t used any hard-coded static delays. One suggestion, use Element Exists instead of Find element as it throws an error if it couldn’t find the element in the prescribed time (TimeoutMS). Based on the output (Boolean) from element exists you can decide further.

Dom :slight_smile:


@RaviDevaraj Element Exists activity is enough for this scenario, but if your page take more time to load, increase the TimeoutMS of element exist activity. and don’t forget to enclose it in a try/catch.


Hi @RaviDevaraj,
I am also suggest to use the Element exists and I add as 3rd point .



Hi @shankm @Dominic @balupad14

ya ok thanks for your valuable information.
Can you find the below that i am hitting a import button it takes few minutes or hour or hours also
After completed the import process the "import message completed " message will come until i need to wait in that screen itself .

after that when this message came "import message completed " and Finish button also enable then only my next trigger need to start

For that what control i need to use ?
see the screenshot 1 and 2.


Hi @RaviDevaraj ,
I can understand your requirement.
First of all set an Element Exist activity for the “import process completed” message. You will get a Boolean value as output. Declare a while loop using the Boolean as a condition. And inside that paste the same old Element Exist activity, it will check for the message till the Boolean value change.
For eg:
If your element exist activity output variable is “success”, set the while condition as “NOT success”, so the value of success becomes true. When the message appears on the page, the value of success changed to false and exit from the loop.
Hope this helps.


Hi @shankm @Dominic

i have used get attribute activity?
and it was responding a i expecting (above i mention) automatically coming out for me ?

i used while loop ans if then condition too is this correct way i am using in that ?


I think it’s better to put the if activity outside the while loop. if it is inside the loop, it will check the if condition each time it enters while loop. It affects the performance of the robot. You just place the if activity below the while loop, so that the execution will reach the if activity only when the while loop becomes false.


hi @shankm
if i done like that means it staying on the my screen itself still the “import Process completed”

after that also staying in the same screen only then afterwards remaining trigger are not able to proceed.


hi @Dominic

can you help me . How to solve this issues


hi @shankm @Dominic

As i used as per guidelines i used no response
not staying in the screen.



Try to keep the following order:
1)Use Element Exist activity to check the presence of “import complete” message
2)Then in while loop (condition:output variable of Element Exist activity)
2.1) paste the same element exist activity from 1
3) outside the while activity, use Click activity to click on finish button


Hi @shankm

oh!!! no its not working?

still stay on same issues only

Automatically screen comes out ,not at all staying till “Import process completed”


Are you using the Element Exist activity? Try to use it, instead of get attribute


hi @shankm
i am using element exists ony

can you see the above message i have send

for your reference i attached here also

can you please check and inform me were i was done a mistake?



hi @Dominic @shankm

hi Shan KM are you checking the flow of my while and if condition

did you find out the solution for that ?


hi @ovi

can you help with this issue



Hi @RaviDevaraj ,
What is variable Value1?


hi @shankm

variable Value1 =yes