Works perfectly when using breakpoint but not while debugging the process

I fetch data from excel using read column activity and enter those values in a particular field using ‘for each’ activity. Using click activity I save those values one after the other inside ‘for each’ . The excel has three values. While I debug the process, only first two values are entered and saved. The last value is only entered but not saved. If when I use break point and check, it perfectly reads all the three values and saves all the three values. How can I resolve it :slightly_smiling_face: ?

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Using click activity ,you could click on the can you save the data?

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Yeah I have used click activity on the save button and so I mentioned it as I’m saving it.

Thanks for replying.

@Shanmathi Okay then increase the timeout for the click activity and see

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But only after increasing timeout it doesn’t work as expected. By allocating delay after, delay before and timeout to the click activity inside the 'for each’ and also I have used another Browser application activity outside the ‘for each’ and used another click activity, it works. This takes much time than usual and not an optimized output.

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Are you entering the data in different fields in the application or trying to add all the data from the column to the same field. If yes, you can join the data or you can convert the datatable to string and then typeinto the field.


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Hi @Shanmathi ,

I assume you have three values in the excel and you are entering those values one by one using for each row loop in the web application and for each and every value enter your saving by clicking save button in the website am I right.

If my understanding is correct then please follow the suggestion below

Debugging with breakpoint will slow down your automation execution pace so your getting enough time to click save button so all the three values saving in the website.

As suggested above try to use some delay activity to click save button or

Some websites will disable the save button until you enter the Value properly in the field and also it depends on the website loading the ui elements so try to use the element exist property for the save button and check in ui explorer that is there any attribute which is telling that save button enabled. In this way we can go with conditional delay instead of hard coded delay.

Please give it a try. Thanks

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Hi @kirankumar.mahanthi1 ,

Yes your understanding is correct. I have used delay activity with 1 sec. It’s working.

Thanks :innocent:.

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