Best Practice to add items to Queue


I am currently using REFramework to execute process from Orchestrator, it has around 200 transactions to execute. Currently I am running separate workflow to add these items to queue and then i am starting execution from Orchestrator to process these items.

Can someone share best practices for this, as I don’t want to use 2 process to accomplish task?

The REFramework model suggests that this is the best way to handle the data. The Dispatcher process loads the data, and the Performer process processes it.

However, this doesn’t work for everybody. If you need this to be one process, you could load the data in the part of the REFramework that only runs once when the process starts. This is good for smaller data loads that require only a single bot.

Take a look at the Enhanced Reframework

Your dispatcher would be a service in this case.

If that framework seems to complicated, you could create a project which is Ref in Ref.

Or instead of add queue item, use add transaction item ( which adds the item in the queue and sets its progress to “In Progress” and then immediately process the transaction.