Bot to extract data from a YouTube video

Hi, how possible is it to build a Bot to extract data from a YouTube video?

What data do you want to extract?


Data of sport team results. Usually displayed in the video as table.

I hope there is a way. Is it possible?

If the details are streamed within the video, it is difficult to get.
However if this table comes into video description it can be extracted by either UiAutomation or by using youtube API’s.


Hmmm ok. When you say difficult to get, how difficult are you talking about? Your talking about OCR/Image automation? Computer vision?

Yes .
We need to use ocr to extract the detail from a video . We have to capture the image of the table which can appear anytime in the video and pass that particular image to the ocr engine.
I have not tried anything similar yet, lets see if any other forum member have an idea

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@Sourav_Anand Has this been done before that you know of and is OCR reliable for videos?
@ClaytonM have you had any experience on this?

If the text in the video are recognizable fonts, then OCR would probably work ok. There might be other ways to get info inside a video. You might check the Go marketplace and forums.

I don’t have any experience with automating content on a video.


@rohangroombridge - could you share a screen capture of the table in the video?
Would want to check if you can make the bot to pause the video when the table (or a logo on that table, or some other image) appears in the video. Then read the table.
Pause may not be required if the table is displayed long enough for the bot to grab data using OCR.
You would still need the logo/image for the bot to trigger OCR.