How to extract fixed format tables

Do we need to create OCR templates ourselves to extract data from fixed format tables? Is there any quick way?


If it is structured data then use Extract Structured Data activity to scrape the data from Table.

If it’s not image we can do that with data scrapping itself for fixed table structure
If it’s a image then we can try with screen scrapping method with OCR activities like GET OCR Activity
We don’t need to define a template as it would fetch the data with screen scrapping as a string which can be then passed to a GENERATE DATATABLE ACTIVITY and get data as output

Cheers @Eason

Is a picture, the sharpness may not be very good

it is a picture, the sharpness may not be very good

If we have the license for Abby Flexicapture then we could able to extract the data from that image
Do we have that buddy