Data scraping of Youtube videos from a Channel

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to scrap youtube video information from - Anders Jensen - YouTube

I am getting this as preview of “Extract Table Data”,

However, I am not getting name of video in “Title” column as a text in extracted data, its appearing as blank column, Am i missing any setting?, i am having latest UiPath version installed on my system. Any way to fix this ?


Check the below thread and read the whole conversation then you will get the idea to extract the title from videos.

Hope it helps!!

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Video is aviliable please have a look.

If that link not works another video will pop out by Monday 15-Jan-2024 in that video u have explain how we can extract video title as well.

Thank you

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Hi @pavan_kumar5, thank you for your response, let me know once you released new youtube video, I am also interested to see how it works in modern design experience.

Thank you

Hi @mkankatala , thank you for the response, step by step approach suggested by you seems good and logical on paper but really not working in practical. Please share the flow with modern design experience if you have implemented this.

Also, in one of the responses you asked to design flow in classic and then convert it into modern, which is also not optimized way of implementation i believe.

Thank you

Pavan, could you please share link to the new video that you had talked about?

this will be pop by 17-Jan-2023

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